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I dreamt I kissed you beneath a lilac cloud
and it reminded me of everything I’d ever wanted

I dreamt that the world tired of happiness
just to make us tired of each other

I dreamt that all the apologies I wanted from you
were the ones I couldn’t bear to tell myself

and maybe we were 70% water all along
but I remember us being 100% combustible

because I dreamt that time slipped an apology
under my door when I was sleeping
with your name inscribed on the cover
and forgiveness burst from my tongue
like memories that couldn’t stay buried any longer
and you kissed my lips like it was yesterday
yesterday when we danced in the rain and
wrote love letters with bashful eyes
when you brushed my hair behind my ears and
hands that held fragile bodies from falling apart
in empty hallways and fleeting touches
and innocence that only returned every time we kissed

I dreamt that I loved you again.
recurring dream
simply, the last thing i would like to publish
there is nothing.

i read today that an artist should never
believe he is an artist
because an artist communicates thinking that he doesn't belong
and he would belong

would you rather connect through the implicit or the explicit?
are implicit connections always deeper than the explicit?

so many things get lost in translation
i am unsure
if i can shape the confusion
before the confusion shapes me

what if holding on to the small things
will never amount to the big things in life?

do you start with all the puzzle pieces
and lose them slowly, as you forget their meaning?

it is strange to be tired of things you never had
like running half a race
then wander into a nearby forest, distracted,
following breadcrumbs

will you ever know if you truly wanted to win?
would you have lost everything by then?

because i am nothing.
fairy philosophy
i don't know any more.


Artist | Student | Literature
Hi! I'm Jamie, nice to meet you. :)

Naive. Easily enchanted. Idealistic. Young and just a tad tired. I have a wide spectrum of interests but mainly I love immersing myself in the arts - books, plays, musicals, you name it. I love people and I like listening to people and learning new things. Forever interested in anything and everything. I try to write stuff. Be the chisel to my rock?


"Passion is the cure to procrastination."
Hello! After a long hiatus from deviantART, I'm finally back. :yay:
Truthfully, I'm sorry I ever left. All the stuff I removed.. haunts me.

But no matter! Although the people have changed and the art scene's real different now, I'm hoping to get myself back into the rhythm of things. I'll try to submit new pieces 1000000 times more frequently than I have the past two years. Which is not saying a lot, heh. =p I'm excited to meet the many new (and old) artists on here and read breathtaking works! I've really missed the community here. :) My writing's really in need of shaping up though, so constructive feedback from you guys would be very very very much appreciated. Thank you! :heart:
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Thanks for the favorites!
omnivore7 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Many thanks for making my short poetry piece a favourite.  I do appreciate that.

And allow me to say that your introductory self-description is really very charming.
Cookie-Jam Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student Writer
My pleasure! I think it's really elegant, and so much is said in so few words. :) Awwww, shucks. Thank you kindly! Why do you not have a self-description yourself? :O
omnivore7 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Thank you. I do aim for sparseness of style in poetry; an antidote to verbiage in prose!

Oh - I couldn't do that - what on earth would I say???
Cookie-Jam Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Student Writer

You could say that you are indeed an omnivore and you like the number seven - your readers would certainly feel reassured that you have not cheated their subconscious assumptions in any way. :D
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Thank you for the fave and the watch! :)
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No problem! You're awesome :D
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thank you so much for adding me to your deviantwatch! It means the world! :)
Cookie-Jam Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Writer
My pleasure :) Keep writing!
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Thank you for faving my poem. Feel free to look around and read my other things. 
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